Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2022

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Day 1136 km
Day 2104 km
Day 3112 km
Day 4109 km
Day 594 km
Day 6106 km
Day 764 km
Day 884 km
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= 809 km
(warm up not incl)

Only as curiosity:
Preparing the tour


Ultra Skate Challenge Light 2022   Gothenburg/Göteborg -> Karlshamn    6 - 13 August

809 km in 8 days

A privately organized event. No competition, just vaccation.

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2022, route map.

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2022
Michael Seitz, Kalle Tasch, Antje Fischer, Bernd Gutöhrlein, Ulla Hingst, Otto Gastel, Ulf Haase, Endres Neumann, Peter Schmidl and Jürgen Lutz.

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2022
Thanks to Kalle Tasch who drove the escort car and served us in all kind of issues.

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2022
Thanks to Antje Fischer who designed and organized the nice USC 2022 shirts.

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