Stephan Repke and Sebastian Baumgartner at the gocarttrack, day 2, Sardinia 2002. Photo: me.

Start Sardinia 2002
Gocarttrack, day 2
Route 1, day 2
Speedoval, day 3
Route 3, day 3
Route 1, day 5
El Faro-Stintino, day 6
Briand, Cardin, Loy

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The Experts in Speed's trainingcamp on Sardinia Mars 2002

In Mars 2002 I went to the german Experts in Speed trainingcamp III on Sardinia. It was very well organized, instructive and great fun.

A hyperthyroidism (engl)/Hyperthyreose (deutsch) made that I could not even keep the tempo of the fitnessgroup so most days I had to watch the endurancetraining from the servicecar. I could though take part in the techniquetraining.

In these pages you can see some of my photos from the camp.

Friederike Gehring and her group, route 1, day 2, Sardinia 2002.
Route 1, day 2, Friederike Gehring and her group.

(Photo: me)

The hotel in Alghero

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