My first camera. (Photo: H. Haase)
My first camera,
a Diana.
In use 1965-1968.

Bont Vaypor (Photo: me)

Lundhags Sweskate + Salomon Escape D7 (Photo: me)

Bont Redback + Maple (Photo: me)


About me

I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

In June 1996 I bought my first pair of inline skates. The first four summers I spent cruising the streets of Stockholm enjoying the nice weather and eating hamburgers.

In May 2000 I came in touch with the Stockholm SSSK-skaters and in one month they turned me into some sort of speed skater.

On this homepage you can see some inline- and ice skating photos, most of them are taken by me. I am an amateur photographer.

My family and me

Thanks to my HTML-teacher Teddy Karlsson-Ehrling from whom I have stolen the design of this homepage. He has talent - I am lazy.

All skates... European Master Marathon Road Championships, Savona, Italy, 2006.
European Master Marathon
Road Championships,
Italy 2006.

e-mail: mail@ulfhaase.se