Cabaret 2003

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Inline photos 2003

Sardinia 2003.
Trainingcamp on Sardinia in Mars, me in green suit.
(See all photos from Sardinia here.)
(Photo published by courtesy of photographer Stephan Repke.)

Sverige Cup 3, 2003.
Sweden Cup 3 in Stockholm, June 2003, the 21 km heat for veterans A, B and C.
This was the first race ever where I (in green suit) was the first to cross the finish line.

(Photographer unknown. Photo published by courtesy of camera owner J. Kivikoski (who is right behind me).)

Helsingborg 2003.
After skate in Helsingborg where I joined inline club IS Göta's training one evening
in July 2003. Ronny Myllynen and me.

(Photo published by courtesy of Steve Gustavsson at IS Göta.)

Cabaret 2003

Cabaret 2003  Cabaret 2003  Cabaret 2003
Above an inline photo of unusual kind.
It is from the birthday celebration of the leader of the church choir I am singing in.
We performed a 20 min cabaret, this was the last number which ended with me entering on inlines and serving her a glass of champagne.
(Photos: S. Hildebrand with my camera.)

Berlin Marathon 2003
This season ended for me with three marathons: Berlin Marathon in Germany, September 2003 (me in green with green helmet)...

(Photo published by courtesy of Ulla Niclaus.)

H C Andersen Marathon 2003
...H C Andersen Marathon in Odense, Denmark, October 2003...

(Photo: S. Helmsøe. Published by courtesy of S. Jensen at Vesterbro Rulleskøjte Klub.)

Frankfurt Marathon 2003
... and finally Frankfurt Marathon in Germany, October 2003.

(Photo published by courtesy of M. Ninkovic at Mainz Wiesbadener Skatenights.)

Summary 2003: Participation in 12 inline competitions (and lots of fun).

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