Me.    Photo: Stephan Repke

Start Sardinia 2003
Technique, day 2
Route 3, day 2
Speedoval, day 3+6
Route 1, day 3
El Faro-Stintino,day 7
Salomon World Team

(Photo above: Published by courtesy of photographer Stephan Repke.)


The Experts in Speed's training camp on Sardinia Mars 2003

In Mars 2003 I once again went to the german Experts in Speed training camp on Sardinia.
Just as last year it was very well organized, instructive and great fun. The camp lasted for a week and in a normal day there was technique training before lunch and a tour after lunch.

In these pages you can see some of my photos from the camp.

Techniquetraining with Tommy Ulbrich (day 2). Sardinia 2003.
Technique training with Tommy Ulbrich (day 2).

Technique, day 2

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