Pia Knecht and Elisabeth Schrenk, Sardinia 2003. Photo: me. Sardinia 2003, logotype.

Start Sardinia 2003
Technique, day 2
Route 3, day 2
Speedoval, day 3+6
Route 1, day 3
El Faro-Stintino,day 7
Salomon World Team


Salomon World Team on Sardinia Mars 2003

Sardinia 2003.
Pia Knecht, Elisabeth Schrenk and Nathalie Barbotin at El Faro.

Sardinia 2003.
One evening the Salomon World Team visited us and told us about training and competition on their level and gave us the opportunity to ask questions.
From left: Pia Knecht, Nathalie Barbotin, Elisabeth Schrenk, Franck Cardin, Massimiliano Presti, Luca Presti, Pascal Briand and Juan Carlos Betancur. (Caroline Lagrée and Pier Davide Romani are missing.)

Sardinia 2003.
Pascal Briand and Franck Cardin. Last year on Sardinia I took some photos of them as they were skating,
take a look at their "Gleichschritt"!

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