Skate Challenge Light 2017

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Day 1130 km
Day 2133 km
Day 3106 km
Day 4120 km
Day 5124 km
Day 690 km
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Day 890 km
Going home

= 900 km


Skate Challenge Light 2017    Wien -> Weinfelden    19 - 26 August

900 km in 8 days
A privately organized event. No competition, just vaccation.

Skate Challenge Light 2017, route map.

Skate Challenge Light 2017

Back row:   Bernd Mathar, Jürgen Lutz, Bernd Gutöhrlein, Peter Schmidl, Andras Arnold, Micha Seitz, Antje Fischer,
Claudia Dubourg, Martin Keil.
Front row:   Barbara Dörrer, Benno Forster, Otto Gastel, Ulf Haase.
(Photo taken with self timer.)

(Guestskaters: From day 5 Hamid Ongha and Simon Pascal Reichel joined us, alternating between car and skates.)

Skate Challenge Light 2017
The organizers Peter Schmidl, Benno Forster, Bernd Gutöhrlein and
Bernd Mathar. Thank you!
(The photo is photoshopped, on the original photo they are not standing next to eachother.)

Skate Challenge Light 2017
Our helping hero Christine Athmann who drove the escort car.

Skate Challenge Light 2017
Thanks to Jürgen Lutz who generously offered his company car as escort car.

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