My first camera. (Photo: H. Haase)
My first camera,
a Diana.
In use 1965-1968.


This was my third camera.
I bought it 1974 and used it until the last minute when I was robbed of it 1983
(see below).

Canon FTb
Canon FTb ("old model"), serial number 678511.
Lens FD 50 mm, f 1:1.4, serial number 220318.

Canon FTb
1974. Including flash National PE-2850 and lens Tokina 200 mm f 1:3,5.

Canon FTb
Selfportrait, August 1975.

Map, north Thailand
In January 1983 I went for a 5 day trek in Mae Ai area (near Fang, north Thailand).
The trek abruptly ended in the morning of the second day (se newspaper clip below).

Newppaper clip, Bankok Post.
* "...three Germans and one Australian...",
    correct it should be:
   "...two Germans, one Swede and one Australian..."

Thailand 1983 Thailand 1983
Two of the last photos taken with the camera in the evening before the robbery.

Canon AE-1 Five days later I bought a new camera, a Canon AE-1
that I used until 2004.

Canon FTb
As I got back to Sweden I bought a second hand Canon FTb ("new model") but I almost
never used it.

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