First prize. (Photo: me.)
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2.30 pm, solo skaters
6.00 pm, race start
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7.20 pm
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12 am, solo finish
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6 pm, race finish

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Vértex 24h   2007

Photos taken between 5.43 pm and 6 pm.

Vértex 24h, 2007
In a short ceremony a few minutes before start Stockholm Speedskaters chairman Jan Herrström gave back the cup we won last year.

(Photo: me)

Vértex 24h, 2007
Start of the team race at 6 pm.
Stockholm Speedskaters participated with two teams.

(Photo: me)

Vértex 24h, 2007
Johan Cerne put Stockholm Speedskaters in front from the beginning.

(Photo: me)

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