First prize: The Vértex cup
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Vértex 24h - 2006

A 24 hour ice skating race for teams and solo skaters in Östersund 10 - 11 Feb 2006

7.30 pm, the start

Our flight from Stockholm was one hour delayed and 11 of the 12 team members
were sitting in the aeroplane. We realized we would miss the start!

Vértex 24h Östersund 2006
At 7.17 pm, 13 min before the start, we flew over the race course and
could see the skaters!

Vértex 24h Östersund 2006
Luckily our 12th skater, Vincent Tardieu, had gone to Östersund by train and
he skated the first ca 30 min alone for the team until we arrived and could
relieve him. (This photo was taken the next day.)

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