Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2014

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Day 1136 km
Day 2137 km
Day 3113 km
Day 4 (rest)5 km
Day 5105 km
Day 6141 km
Day 7142 km
Day 8155 km
Day 9142 km
Day 10113 km
Day 11124 km
Day 12120 km
Day 13 RoS135 km
Day 14 EO R.42 km

= 1610 km


Ultra Skate Challenge 2014 + Rhine on Skates + EO Race       18 - 31 August

1610 km in 14 days, 18 - 31 August
A private organized event with Michael Seitz as head organizer. No competition, just vaccation.
Thanks Micha!

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2014, route map made by Michael Seitz.
Map used by courtesy of Michael Seitz.

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2014
The "main group": Ulf Haase, Bernd Gutöhrlein, Micha Seitz and Peter Schmidl.
(Photo taken with self timer.)

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2014
Those who participated more than one day: Hans-Georg Rudorff (skated the days he didn't drive the escort car),
Martin Honikel (on bicycle), Ax Vöhringer, Micha Seitz, Peter Schmidl, Ulf Haase and Bernd Gutöhrlein.
(Photo taken with self timer. Hans-Georg added with help of Photoshop.)

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2014
Our heroes: Hans-Georg Rudorff and Hans Grimmer who drove the escort car. (Photo taken 2013.)

Many thanks to those who helped to find out a skateable track from Gothenburg to Trelleborg. In alphabethical order:
Thure Björck, Lisbeth Borgesand, Jocke Ahlgren Fernström, Lars Green, Johnny Hansson, Jonas Medin, Ronny Myllynen, Anita Persson and Gisle Tverland.

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