Canon FTb, my third camera
This was my third camera,
I used it 1974-1983.

Canon FTb - Robbed in Thailand 1983

This was my third camera.
I bought it 1974 and used it until the last minute when I was robbed of it 1983 in the Mae Ai area in Thailand.

Canon FTb
Canon FTb ("old model"), serial number 678511.
Lens FD 50 mm, f 1:1.4, serial number 220318.

This manual is all I have left from my purchase of the camera. Notice that it is showing a
1:1.4 S.S.C. lens with black front even though I got the older 1:1.4 lens with "chrome nose".

Canon FTb
1974. Including flash National PE-2850 and lens Tokina 200 mm f 1:3,5.

Map, north Thailand
In January 1983 I went for a 5 day trek in Mae Ai area (near Fang, north Thailand).
The trek abruptly ended in the morning of the second day (se newspaper clip below).

Newspaper clip, Bankok Post.
* "...three Germans and one Australian...",
    correct it should be:
   "...two Germans, one Swede and one Australian..."
Newspaper clip from Bangkok Post, January 14, 1983.

Thailand 1983
Two of the last photos taken with the camera in the evening before the robbery.

Canon AE-1 Five days later I bought a new camera, a Canon AE-1
that I used until 2004.

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