Berlin Marathon 2005.

Berlin Marathon 05:
Point of mass crash
The fair


Berlin Inline Marathon 2005

The mass crash, 24 September 2005

This page is probably of no interest for others than those who were involved in the mass crash and (as I) afterwards wondered what happened.

It all happened very fast and no one of the skaters I talked to afterwards could really say where the crash was. So I went back the next day and walking along Alt Moabit I found it.

Berlin Inline Marathon 2005.
At 5,6 km, on Alt Moabit at the height of Spenerstrasse.

(Map: Berlin Marathon)

Berlin Inline Marathon 2005. Photo: me.
I saw the skater who fell first. In a few seconds the lane was covered with fallen
skaters (30?, 40?, 50?) to its full widh. There was no way to pass so people just fell
over the ones already lying.
It was not possible to stand up since falling skaters were flying over you. First when
spectators standing on the side opened the blocking to the right lane the falling

By then the pack and the possibility for a good result was gone.
Did I mention that I am dissapointed?* (See comment on the bottom of this page.)
I guess I made this page as therapy to get over it.

Berlin Inline Marathon 2005.

Berlin Inline Marathon 2005.
The marks of all the smashed liquid bottles could still be seen.

Berlin Inline Marathon 2005.

Berlin Inline Marathon 2005.
Sven from Team Stockholm Speedskaters broke his nose in the crash.
In spite of this he managed to skate the race in 1 hour 20 min. (Photo
taken later in the evening.)

* I have got some comments about this page and must make clear: I am not in any way
dissapointed with the Berlin Inline Marathon arrangement, I am only dissapointed with having
a bad result in the result list. I will be back next year.

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